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Best CCTV installation in Greater Noida

Best CCTV Camera Installation Services and CCTV camera Dealers in Greater Noida. Premium Brands CCTV Security Camera at Affordable Prices. CCTV/Hikvision/Bosch/Samsung/Dahua etc. Different models of best CCTV surveillance are available to suit your needs. Installation was done on time and systematically as well the Same day. The team was good at their work and they knew what was required. Excellent and trustworthy professional services by CP Security.

CP Security provides you with the best quality CCTV camera service provider in Greater Noida along with professional installation and repair. They will also help you in positioning the CCTV cameras better so that they provide maximum coverage of the camera.

What are the additional benefits CP Security provides?

CP Security provides great after-sales service with a one-year on-site service warranty and 2-year product warranty. We also provide a free on-site demo for clients.

Do all CCTV cameras have night vision?

Nowadays, all camera system sets have night vision and a remote mobile view, which lets you access footage on your mobile.

What is included in the package?

All the components of a CCTV camera in the system along with Installation and repair by the service provider are included in the package.

A lot of surveillance system is being used in residential areas and workplaces to improve the security system. CP Security, are here to guide you through the process of selecting the CCTV cameras and installing them in the right positions.

The analog high definition Security cameras (AHD) are best suited for residential properties & Offices. They are available in 1MP, 1.3MP, and 2.4MP variants. The prices start from INR 13,000 to 17,000 for a 4 camera set including installation and showing setup on mobile-view.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR): This is the central unit that is used to process for (CCTV Cameras) record the video. The digital video recorder (DVR) should be the same brand or should be compatible with the Security cameras. For the DVR to be compatible it should support the technology being used in the CCTV camera (HD-CVI, AHD, etc.) and should support the resolution.

Choose CP Security for installing CCTV in Greater Noida

Nowadays, providing security for property, home and appliances have become very important. Before somebody keeps an eye on your valuable things, protect your stuff with the latest security devices. So it is necessary to arrange a security device for household, property, etc., CCTV provides excellent security for all your things.

Closed-circuit television(CCTV) is electronic video surveillance used to monitor all the activities which are surrounded by CCTV. If necessary, CCTV records with the help of the database. If you need more security, CCTV records and stores the information online for some years, but an experienced technician should install CCTV. Or else you may fail to capture the surrounding things.

CCTV is used mostly for protecting home, office, corporate buildings, farmhouses and schools, colleges, educational institutions, and to look over small kids, old parents. Most of the companies, corporate buildings, hospitals, etc. also started using CCTV to protect their valuable belongings.

CP Security is one of the best CCTV suppliers in Greater Noida and provides the best CCTV installation services in Greater Noida. At CP Security, we use quality cables to give a good life to CCTV and DVR. Our installation procedure from our technicians gives you highly satisfied.

Technicians from CP Security are always available for you whenever you face any technical issue. We provide 24 hrs of technical support to all our clients. At CP Security, we have skilled and experienced technicians who provide great solutions for your security problems by being aware of all types of CCTV models and its inbuilt features.

Based on customer requirements, our technician will identify the particular location to install CCTC where the owner can observe each corner of that specific area. Once our technicians install the CCTV, and it is ready to use, you can monitor CCTV from any remote location through various apps. You can freeze the live video and watch previous videos at any time, anywhere.


It is always not possible to spend time and watch over them as you might engage with your work in a job, business, and your day to day activities.

CP Security for Installation of CCTV in Greater Noida

CP Security and surveillance systems in Greater Noida, dedicated to providing all security services equipment. We provide best CCTV camera installation services Greater Noida. We are currently dealing with Biometric Attendance System, CCTV Cameras, Video Door Phone, Door Access Control System Security equipment, and products for the installation, repair, and maintenance at CP Security – Greater Noida.

If you want to install CCTV Cameras at your Office, Building, Shopping Complex, Banks, Government Offices, Commercial Premises, Colleges, Schools, Industries. Hotel, PG, Parking lot, Construction Site, Clinic, Banks, Government Offices, Bus, Commercial Premises, Colleges, Schools, and Industries. CP Security, We will give our best service for your CCTV Cameras and Security installation in Greater Noida.

We are dealing with a range of CCTV camera dealer in Greater Noida. Security requires an expert approach as the stakes are very high. One needs to be very careful while selecting a security system to protect what matters most. Let the thing of experts be dealt with by experts. There is no specific system or equipment which can satisfy all security needs. The security needs differ from organization to organization, we offer solutions depending upon the needs, be it a small, large, or medium organization. Just tell us your security needs; CP Security will bring you the best fit solution to your security needs. Best HD, AHD, HDCVI, HDTVI, IP CCTV Camera System in Greater Noida.

CCTV Security System Repairing Service in Greater Noida. You are at the right place. CP Security is providing CCTV Security System Repair and Installation at a very reasonable price in Greater Noida. We are offering a Special Discount on our CCTV Security System Repair & Installation in Greater Noida and nearby area.

CP Security Service Provider brings to you the best CCTV cameras Installation in Greater Noida.

We offer you a wide range of security solutions – CCTV, IP Camera, DVR, Web-based Access control, Biometric Machine, Audio door phone systems, digital keypad door locks, and many more as per your requirements.

Top CCTV Installation in Greater Greater Noida

We are one of the top service providers for CCTV Camera Installation & Setup Services in Eastern India, more specifically Greater Noida. Being one of the leading CCTV Camera Company in this part, we can offer you the best price for your CCTV requirements. We being one of the oldest in this city when it comes to CCTV Solutions, we are partners to big CCTV Brands like CP Plus, Hikvision, Panasonic, Dahua, etc. We offer quick, fast & best services at the best prices available in the market. Though we are based in Greater Noida but provide CCTV Setup Services in Greater Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, New Delhi, and Ghaziabad also. Our professional approach in providing optimal solutions is backed by the latest technology, experience, thorough knowledge, Quality Customer Support.

Why Us?

We offer the most comprehensive range in technologically advanced products for offices, industries, factories, institutions, homes, and corporate. This includes CCTV Camera Setup Services, IP Camera Setup Services, Spy Camera Setup Services, Digital Video Recorder, Monitors, etc. Our engineers are capable to design industry-specific CCTV Security Solutions to help our clients. Therefore, we have pioneered the evolution of the electronic goods industry. These CCTV Solutions are ideal for your Home & Office.

When to Contact Us?

You can contact us for any of your CCTV Camera Requirements. But more specifically, you can contact us if you –

We provide top Installation Services for CCTV in Greater Noida & areas mentioned above. Contact us now to get the Best, Fast & Quick CCTV Camera Installation Services at your Home or Office.



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Maintainance Service

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